Fishing Season: Check Regulations Depending on if you're fishing the middle fork, South Fork or North Fork

Snoqualmie River - WA

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Orvis Seattle's Tip of the Week

Dry flies! Terrestrials are the ticket right now. Royal Wulff, Ant patterns, Beetles, and Caddis

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At the present time, there are no endorsed guides on the mainstem Snoqualmie.

5-Day Outlook as of 8/28/23

Keep a stream thermometer with you and monitor water temps as you are fishing. The hotter weather is pushing water temps into potentially dangerous ranges for the fish. Look for caddis or mayfly hatches coming off. You can also try bigger attractors like a PMX or Chubby Chernobyl. Swinging a soft hackle can be a good option.

Techniques & Tips as of 8/28/23

Dry flies during hatches. Nymphs. Dry Droppers.

Local Species Available Check Regulations Depending on if you're fishing the middle fork, South Fork or North Fork

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    rainbow trout

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    Coastal Cutthroat trout

Orvis Seattle's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Adam's Purple Parachute Purple 12-16
Patriot Dry Fly red/blue 12-16
Rosenbauer Parachute Beetle black 12-16
Royal Humpy red 12-16
Sculpin Streamers Green 8
Bead Headed Pheasant Tails Black 14-18
Bead Head Stonefly coffee 8-14
Hot Head Euro Pheasant Tail chartreuse 12-16
Lighting bugs Silver 14-18

Adam's Purple Parachute

Tie on this deadly purple parachute dry fly to show trout something unique.

Orvis Seattle's Recommended Gear

Description: About Snoqualmie River

The Snoqualmie River is less than 45 minutes from Orvis Seattle and has a minor winter steelhead run between the towns of Carnation and Fall City. Wild searun Coastal Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout can also be found August through November. King salmon enter the river in early September. Coho in October and Chum salmon in November. Pink salmon come in odd numbered years. Winter steelhead enter the river in November but due to the higher flows, the Snoqualmie is not very fly friendly. The mean flow is 2500 cfs Hatches work well in specific times of the year for Searun Cutthroat and Rainbow trout.

Nearest Airport:

Seatac International


Caddis, mayflies

Best Time to Fish:


Best Stretch:

Fall City to the Snoqualmie Falls

Best Access:

Any boat ramp or bridge in between those two points.