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Green River - UT

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

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Doug Roberts's Tip of the Week

Terrestrial fishing on Ants, Hoppers, and Beatles. Look for fish sipping Midges, and other small mayflies. Streamers still working fairly well early morning and late.

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5-Day Outlook as of 9/27/21

Midges, Trico, fall BWO, dark Caddis, and terrestrials like Ants, beatles, hoppers are all on the trouts menu for the next 7 days.

Techniques & Tips as of 9/27/21

Search the edges and shallow drop offs with terrestrials and fish Midge Trico, Small BWO May flies to sippers. Fish nymphs when no surface feeding is visible. Fish streamers early and late.

Current Conditions as of 9/27/21

Midges, Trico, fall BWO, dark Caddis, and terrestrials like Ants, beatles, hoppers are all on the trouts menu for the next 7 days.

Local Species Available Year Round

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    cuttbows(hybrid) and some Cutthroats and White Fish

Doug Roberts's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Travis Para Ant olive Sz 2 - 10
Griffith's Gnat Orange Sz 10
Cripple Dun BWO olive 16-20
Flash Beetle N/A 16-20
Caddis, Sailor Ant,Trailing shuck mi black 10-14
MFC cricket black 8-10
Griffith's Gnat Grey 20-24
Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog olive-tan 2-8
CDC ant black 12-14
Cicada N/A

Travis Para Ant

The parachute Para Ant makes prospecting easier too.

Doug Roberts's Recommended Gear

Description: About Green River

Green river fly fishing guide report with current water conditions. Below Flaming Gorge Dam and fly hatch report. In yoLocated in northeast Utah the Green River flows from Flaming Gorge Dam and offers up twenty eight miles of world class tail water fly fishing with trout populations as high as twenty thousand fish per mile. From its head waters high in the Wind River Mountains of southern Wyoming the the Green River flows through sage brush flats in to Flaming Gorge Reservoir near Green river Wyoming. The Green below Flaming Gorge Dam is broken up in to three distinct sections ( A,B,and C section) each with their own personality. The A section of the Green River from the base of the Dam flows 7.6 miles through the spectacular and rugged lower part of Red Canyon and ends at the tiny valley called Little Hole. This section offers the highest percentage of fish per mile and easy access,. The B section of the Green River starts at Little Hole and flowing 9 miles into Browns Park ending at the Indian Crossing boat ramp. The terrain on B changes from rugged canyons to a drier desert park. Camping along the river in this section is permitted and the US Forest Service and the BLM have built many campgrounds for those people wishing to spend the night on the river, and gives us a chance to run some very quality overnight camping excursions. The C section of the Green River starting from the end of B at Indian Crossing winds it's way through a beautiful river valley and then through a scenic canyon called Swallow Canyon. Fishing in this section can be very good at times but is not as consistent as the first two sections. If you are looking for a wild an scenic river with little to no roads or houses in sight that is full of rainbows, browns and cuttbows that average 16 inches then the Green River is the place for you!

Nearest Airport:

Salt Lake City, Vernal or Rock Springs and Dutch John (just a small landing strip)


Midge, trico, fall BWO, dark Caddis,

Best Time to Fish:

9:00am to 3:00 pm

Best Stretch:

"A" or "B" Sections are fishing good. The A section around little hole .

Best Access:

Dam, Little Hole and Indian Crossing are the three best access points.