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Deschutes River - OR

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Deep Canyon Outfitters's Tip of the Week

Bring lots of caddis and BWO imitations. We're starting to see good numbers of October Caddis flying around. With the low steelhead returns, steelhead fishing is closed from the Mouth up to Lake Billy Chinook

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Deep Canyon Outfitters Bischof's Flyfishing

5-Day Outlook as of 10/20/21

Cooler water and weather temperatures. On the cloudy days blue winged olives are going to be great to have in the box.

Techniques & Tips as of 10/20/21

Nymphing for trout has been our most consistent tactic recently. Big dark colored stones Sz 4-10 with 8 being a good compromise. Mayflies (#16-18), and flashy midges have been productive lately. Also, fishing standard nymphs like Hares Ears and PT's always produce some action. You can find fish SWINGING now - makes slow fishing days interesting.

Current Conditions as of 10/20/21

Cooler water and weather temperatures. On the cloudy days blue winged olives are going to be great to have in the box.

Local Species Available Some closures. Check local regulations.

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    Rainbow trout and Steelhead

Deep Canyon Outfitters's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Larson's Legend Golden Stone Dry N/A 8
Elk Wing Caddis black, olive 10-16
Flashback Baetis Nymph Olive 18-22
Orvis CJ Nymph Copper/Red 14-18
Film Critic Olive 18-22
Sculpzilla Olive/Black/Tan 4-8
TH Zebra Midge Black/Purple/Red 18-22
CDC Mayfly Emerger Brown 12-16
October Caddis Pupa Orange 6-10
Hohbo Spey Black/Orange 4

Larson's Legend Golden Stone Dry

An excellent foam stonefly pattern that rides perfectly in the riffles.

Deep Canyon Outfitters's Recommended Gear

Description: About Deschutes River

Healthy populations of year-round rainbow trout and growing returns of summer steelhead between July and November inhabit the Lower Deschutes River. This spectacular river rambles through an immense canyon, dropping sharply in spots creating exciting whitewater opportunities. Besides great fishing, the Deschutes is home for wildlife, including: Bald eagles, Osprey, Blue Heron, Big Horn sheep, Mule deer, playful Otters and of course strong rainbow trout and summer steelhead! The Lower Deschutes' native fish grow thick shouldered and extremely powerful for their size. Averaging 14-16 inches, and topping out around 21 inches. Open to fishing all year, the Lower Deschutes is home to many epic insect hatches. May marks the hatch of a famous stonefly called: Pteranarcys (Giant Stonefly or Salmonfly). This hatch lasts through the first weeks of June. These huge bugs are the ultimate meal for the trout, and anglers fishing this hatch will be rewarded with the largest, hottest rainbow trout of the season. Like all rivers, the Deschutes has ever-changing hatches, creating great dry fly opportunities through out the year. The Deschutes River is equally famous for it's Summer Steelhead run. These anadromous fish begin migrating from the Pacific in July. As the weather cools in September, the steelhead respond. Steelhead this time of the season occasionally rise to surface presentations, offering anglers the chance at hooking one of these fantastic fish on a dry fly. October is the best month to catch a steelhead... while the weather is pleasant, and fish can be caught in the entire river. If you enjoy fly fishing for feisty rainbow trout and powerful steelhead, the Deschutes River is an experience you can't afford to miss.

Nearest Airport:

Roberts Field Airport (RDM), Redmond, Oregon


Caddis, Mayflies, midges.

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Best Stretch:

entire system

Best Access:

Heritage Flats, Maupin, Locked Gate, Mack's Canyon, South Junction, Trout Creek, town of Warm Spings