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South Platte River - CO

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Royal Gorge Anglers's Tip of the Week

Flows are at a great level. Massive Trico spinner fall early mixed with small BWO hatches and some PMD and caddis activity.

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Tidal Conditions

5-Day Outlook as of 8/6/22

Good hatches and good dry fly fishing. Nymphing is steady as well. Watch the weather...we are in a typical monsoonal weather pattern for the foreeable future.

Techniques & Tips as of 8/6/22

Euro systems that get deep quickly. Long leader dry fly rigs.

Local Species Available Year Around

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    Rainbow Trout; Cutthroat Trout; Brown Trout; Cuttbows

Royal Gorge Anglers's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Indicator Parachute - Trico Black 22
Griffith's Gnat Peacock 20
Elk Wing Caddis Peacock 20
Oliver Edward's Hydrophyche Larva tan 16
Juan's Slim Shady BWO 22
Ice Queen black 22
Indicator Parachute - Trico black 20
RS2 Black 22
Caddis Larva Tan 16
Rainbow Warrior Pearl 22

Indicator Parachute - Trico

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Royal Gorge Anglers's Recommended Gear

Description: About South Platte River

Elevenmile Canyon starts just below Elevenmile Reservoir. Although the reservoir is situated on the open/ windy plateau of South Park, Elevenmile Canyon a completely different scenario all together with pine and fir trees, tremendous rock outcroppings, and gorgeous pools. The installation of changes in DOW regulations since 2001 have improved and preserved this fishery. Elevenmile Canyon is now artificial flies and lures only, and catch and release, for the four miles below the dam (to Springer Gulch). This fishery proves to be one of the most consistent tailwater fisheries in the state day in and day out.

Nearest Airport:

Colorado Springs


Midges, BWOs, Caddis, Tricos

Best Time to Fish:


Best Stretch:

Springer Up

Best Access:

Co Rd 96, Lake George, CO