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Roaring Fork River - CO

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Best fishing has been during the afternoons and evenings. Be aware of COVID-19 restrictions! Be safe!

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5-Day Outlook as of 6/14/21

This is the time of year that the Roaring Fork becomes a bit more technical with the low flows.

Techniques & Tips as of 6/14/21

June 14, 2021 UPPER ROARING FORK- ASPEN DOWNSTREAM TO BASALT FLOW: 1110 cfs below Maroon Creek WATER CLARITY: Muddy and high OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 10 FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Midges, BWOs THE LOW DOWN: The upper Fork above Basalt has taken a turn into full run off. High flows and off-colored water can make fishing a little bit tough. Blue winged olives are now hatching all the way up to Aspen on the Roaring Fork. Try to find water that is flowing slowly along the edges of the river. With these high flows, the fish tend to congregate in these areas. Small flies like RS2s and Pheasant Tails have been productive behind larger flies such as stones and worms. Stripping a streamer can be fun, too. There is a slight chance that you'll see some late afternoon baetis and midge action on calm and cloudy days also. HATCHES: BWOs 18-20 Midges 20-24 APPROPRIATE PATTERNS: DRIES: Hackle Dun Baetis 20-22, CDC Comparadun BWO 20-22, Brook's Sprout Baetis 20-22, Morgan's Para Midge 20-22, HOH CDC Midge Adult 24, HOH CDC Spent Midge 22-24, Sprout Midge 20-24, Skittering Z Lon Midge 20-22 NYMPHS: Spanflex Stone 8-10, San Juan Worm 10, BLM 18-20, Tungsten Bead Baetis 20, BTS Baetis 20-22, Sparklewing RS2 20-22, Freestone Emerger 20, BH Polywing Emerger 20, Kingrey's Cap'n Hook 20-22, Bead Wing Midge 20-22, Rojo Midge 20-22 STREAMERS: Autumn Splendor 6, Zuddler 6, Slumpies 6-8 HINTS: Fish the soft water where your flies have time to get down in front of the fish. MIDDLE ROARING FORK- BASALT DOWNSTREAM TO CARBONDALE FLOW: 1500 cfs in Basalt, the runoff is here and flows will fluctuate WATER CONDITIONS: Dirty most days but should start to clear up soon OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 10 FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Caddis, BWOs, Midges THE LOW DOWN: Basalt down to Carbondale has been fishing pretty well on days when there is decent water visibility. Like the upper fork, lead with a heavy point fly and follow it with a baetis if you are nymphing. Local spots like behind Crown Mountain Park and Catherine's Store are good for the wading angler. HATCHES: Midges 20-24, BWOs 18Keep an-22, Caddis 14-18 APPROPRIATE PATTERNS NYMPHS: Copper Back Golden 8-12, San Juan Worm 10, BLMs 18-20, Prince Nymphs 18-20, Pheasant Tails 18-24, Freestone Emerger 20, BH Polywing Emerger 18-20, Biot Baetis 18-20, Sparklewing RS2 20-22, Tailwater Assassin 20-22, Imposter 20-22, Lil Foamy 18-20, Neon Nightmare 20-22 DRIES: Lawson's EZ Caddis 16-18, Missing Link Caddis 14-16, Chuck's Varient Caddis 16, Perfect baetis 20-22, CDC Comparadun BWO 18-22, Hackle Dun Baetis 20-22, Bill's Midge Emerger 20-22, HOH CDC Midge Adult 24, Hatching Midge 20-22, Morgan's Para Midge 20-22 HINTS: Find some deep water where you can and keep an eye out for risers too LOWER ROARING FORK- CARBONDALE TO GLENWOOD FLOW: 3420 in Glenwood Springs, starting to see fluctuations WATER CONDITIONS: Muddy and fast OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 10 FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Midges, BWOs, Caddis, Golden Stoneflies THE LOW DOWN: Spawning Closures are in effect at 3 Mile and 4 Mile Creeks on the lower Roaring Fork from March 15 to May 31st. Fishing during high and dirty water can be tough this time of year. Try to find slow water and work the edges near the banks. Heavy flies and lots of split shot are a must. The best fishing tends to be from noon until 5 PM. Don't overlook the twilight hour when the female caddis come back to the water. In other words, you can work all day and still get some great fishing right before dark! The nymphing game can be strong in the morning leading with large bugs such as Cat Poop Stone Flies or Prince Nymphs. Follow these with a smaller baetis pattern. The streamer game is still happening, and give smaller patterns a try if you're not getting any chases on larger flies. HATCHES: Blue Winged Olives 18-20, Caddis 14-18, Golden Stoneflies 6-10, Midges 18-26 APPROPRIATE PATTERNS: NYMPHS: Poxyback Golden Stone 8-12, BLMs 18-20, Freestone Emerger 22, RS2s 20-22, Polywing Emerger 18-20, Biot Baetis 18-20, Thread Body Baetis 18-20, Soft Hackle BWO 20-22, Imposters 20-22, Prince Nymph 16-20, TC Poxy Biot Baetis 22, Jerome Baetis 20-22, RIP Midge 22 DRIES: Perfect Baetis 20, CDC Comparadun BWO 18-20, No Hackle BWO 20, Roy's Special Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Rogue Foam Golden Stone 6-8, Chubby Chernobyl 8-12, Lawson's EZ Caddis 16-18, Pearl and Elk Caddis 16-18, Missing Link Caddis 14-18, Hatching Midge 20-22, HOH CDC Spent Midge 22-24, HOH CDC Midge Adult 24, Morgans Midge 18-20, Sprout Midge 18-20, Skittering Zelon Midge 20-22, Griffiths Gnat 20 HINTS: Generally, warm and cloudy tend to be good blue winged days where hot and sunny tend to be good caddis days. Upper Roaring Fork:,00060 Middle Roaring Fork: Lower Roaring Fork:

Current Conditions as of 6/14/21

This is the time of year that the Roaring Fork becomes a bit more technical with the low flows.

Local Species Available Year Round (Prime: June 1 - September 30)

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Taylor Creek-Basalt's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Fly Formerly Known As Prince N/A 14-16
Sparkle Dun N/A 22-24
Travis Hi-Vis Green Drake Para Emerger N/A 16-20
TH 20 Incher N/A 20-22
BLM Pck 18-20
Buckskin N/A 16-18
WD-40 Gray 20
Tungsten Cone Head Woolly Bugger Blk or Wht 4-8
Ziwi black 4
Autumn Splendor N/A 4-8

Fly Formerly Known As Prince

A must-have nymph for every fly box

Taylor Creek-Basalt's Recommended Gear

Description: About Roaring Fork River

One of Colorado's premiere freestone trout fisheries, the Roaring Fork river's headwaters run down from the top of Independence Pass and flows for seventy miles down through the Roaring Fork Valley! Because of this great length and diversity, the river offers a variety of water types for the angler. From tight canyon pocket water in the upper river to the exceptional float fishing stretches of the lower river, there is always new water to explore. Superb caddis and green drake hatches are the hallmarks of this classic freestone fishery and fishes well on a year round basis. Taylor Creek is your guiding headquarters in the Roaring Fork Valley, NOT Sunrise Anglers, which is based out of Denver.

Nearest Airport:

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport


Golden Stones, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, BWO nymphs, emergers and dries

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Best Stretch:

The entire river is fishing excellent, Glenwood to Aspen.

Best Access:

Two Rivers Rd, Catherines, Bonedale, Westbank, Glenwood