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Lower Gunnison River - CO

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RIGS Fly Shops & Guide Service's Tip of the Week

Winter angling on the Gunnison River continues to provide numerous opportunities to catch fish. Whether you're casting your line in the section below the confluence of the North Fork or above, the water may be chilly, but the fish remain active, particularly during the warmer periods of the day. Optimal success can be achieved using midges and small flies presented under an indicator. Given the low temperatures of the water, the fish are less inclined to make substantial movements for food. Therefore, it's crucial to methodically dissect each hole, focusing on one section at a time to ensure your flies are precisely in front of the fish.

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5-Day Outlook as of 2/26/24

Weather reports for the lower Gunnison are showing highs in the 50's and sunshine most of the week. Plan to hit the waters around 10-11 to give the sun a chance to warm things up a bit. Be mindful of precipitation as the dirt roads leading to the river can become icy and muddy.

Techniques & Tips as of 2/26/24

Nymphing small midges and BWO emergers behind and egg or other medium sized nymph.

Local Species Available Year-round

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    Rainbow Trout

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    Brown Trout

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    Roundtail Chub

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    and Flannelmouth Sucker

RIGS Fly Shops & Guide Service's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Bead Head Brassie™ N/A
Rojo Midge N/A
Quasimodo Pheasant Tail N/A
Phlamin Pheasant Tail N/A
Yum Yum Emerger N/A
Micro Egg N/A

Bead Head Brassie™

Image Not Found

RIGS Fly Shops & Guide Service's Recommended Gear

Description: About Lower Gunnison River

Pleasure Park: This stretch of the Gunnison starts at the confluence of the Smith Fork, four miles above Pleasure Park, and ends at the Highway 65 bridge about 12 miles below Pleasure Park. Not as dramatic as the East Portal or Gunnison Gorge, this section of the river twists its way through sandstone cliffs and a beautiful desert landscape.

Nearest Airport:

Montrose and Grand Junction

Best Time to Fish:

Warmest part of the day

Best Stretch:

Both up and Down stream of pleasure park fish very well but in the spring or after a big storm the North Fork of the Gunnison causes the down stream section to blow out.

Best Access:

Pleasure park or South River Road