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Clear Creek - CO

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Sunrise Anglers's Tip of the Week

Signs of Life are returning to the creek. It’s been a long COLD winter. Midges are the ticket in dry and pupal form… use a release tool and keep them wet… thanks Water is still very cold, slow down

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5-Day Outlook as of 4/15/24

Meltdown through Canyon Edge ice is still present in shaded sections

Techniques & Tips as of 4/15/24

classic pocket water, larger pools and runs require a slower approach when throwing drys, high sticking, or indicator nymphing With increased angling pressure, some trout have phd’s,,, slowing down pays dividends

Local Species Available All year

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Sunrise Anglers's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
I Can See It Midge Fly Black 18, 20
CDC Loopwing Quill Emerger Gray 18
RS2 Dark 18
Magic Midge Blk 20
Little black stone Black 19
Glass Midge Peacock 20, 22
Prince Nymph Peacock 16,18
Griffith's Gnat Peacock 18
Bighorn Midge Cream 18, 24
Dead Eggs Carmelo 14

I Can See It Midge Fly

These midge flies are just what the optician ordered when it matters most.

Sunrise Anglers's Recommended Gear

Description: About Clear Creek

The Clear Creek watershed is truely amazing. Suffering from the ravages of mining for the last century, parts of Clear Creek are back and producing healthy populations of rainbows, browns, and in higher stretches, cutthroat. Starting on the eastern slopes of the continental divide, Clear Creek begins its journey to the Platte River on Loveland Pass and the Tunnel. This upper section is a mixture of mostly private and forest land. Drop pools and tight casting quarters are typical for this upper reach. Sunrise Anglers LLC is the only permitted outfitter for this rugged but easily accessed area. The next major area is the mini-tailwater below Georgetown lake. Mostly private below the dam, Clear Creek has excelent pulloffs along the side highway 6. Lawson, Idaho Springs, and the junction of I-70 and Clear Creek Canyon are great stops in the middle section for public access. The "Philly," (Philadelphia Mill), can be a good if uncrowded. The Canyon section is next, providing 20 miles of great water. Jefferson County Open Space has made some huge improvments in access along this stretch. TU's West Denver Chapter has done work in the Wildcat gulch area. Hatches for Clear Creek include midges, beatis, stones, mother's day caddis, PMD's Green Drakes, red quills, March Brown's, micro caddis, and October Caddis. Beetles, Ants, and Hoppers will take their share of fish.The Baetis hatches can be great in the canyon water and just above Kermits in the spring and fall. The nice thing about Clear Creek is that often a favorite attractor dry, placed well, that takes a huge number of fish. The Golden mile is nice water, but summer time produces an overwhelming number of people on the creek. Best fished when the temps are colder. Lower water east of Golden can be suprising for carp. Give Sunrise Anglers a call for more details and info.

Nearest Airport:

Denver Int. Airport


midges, black stone, baetis, Micro streamers, dead Eggs

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canyon pulloffs