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Mission Bay - Inshore - CA

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Alex Cady's Tip of the Week

Bay: The Bay has been picking up over the last couple of weeks. hopefully the bite will only continue to get better. Inshore: Theres been really short windows to get some yellows but it has not been easy. The window last for only about 30 min. Looks like the swell is going to kick up again this weekend. Surf: The perch bite has been really good for the last couple of weeks. We have also been seeing a couple of Bean and Halibut as well. Red colored flies have been getting bite the best.

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Tidal Conditions

5-Day Outlook as of 4/22/21

Big surf and wind will make fishing the surf and inshore a little tough. I would stick to the bay until the weather clears.

Techniques & Tips as of 4/22/21

Sink Tip line are the ticket for fishing the bay and inshore. A 6 wt with a 200 gr sink tip for the bay and a 9wt with a 350 sink tip for the inshore fishing are our recommended set up right now.

Current Conditions as of 4/22/21

Big surf and wind will make fishing the surf and inshore a little tough. I would stick to the bay until the weather clears.

Local Species Available All Year

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    Spotted Bay Bass

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    Halibut and Many More

Alex Cady's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Half And Half N/A
Lefty's Deceiver N/A
Chicone's Disco Shrimp N/A
Clouser Minnow Chart or blue
Clouser Minnow Pink and Orange 2-6
Surfin Merkin Grey or pink 4-8
Orange Christmas Island Bonefish N/A
Grassett's Flats Minnow N/A
Deceiver Blue or Chart 2/0-6
Beach bugger Red 4-6

Half And Half

These flies incorporate the best design aspects of the Clouser and Deceiver into one!

Alex Cady's Recommended Gear

Description: About Mission Bay - Inshore

Mission Bay is just located a few miles away form downtown San Diego. The bay is is ideal for most fly anglers with its large foot print and shallow water. Most of the bay is less than 20 feet deep which means you don't have to throw extremely heavy line to fish it properly. Not only is it a great place to fish from a boat, you can walk and wade with almost as successful as an angler in a kayak or boat. Mission Bay has over 20 miles of beach and 90% of it is fishable. Most of the time we have a world class Spotted Bay Bass Fishery but as the water warms we start to see a few other species move in to the bay. Like Spotfin Croaker, Yellowfin Croaker, Halibut, Bonita, Corvina, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Leopard Sharks and a few others. Mission Bay is a great place to wet your line for a few minutes or spend the whole day.

Nearest Airport:

San Diego Int. Airport

Bait Recommendations:

Bay: Ghost Shrimp, Bay Smelt, Clams, Jack Smelt and Sand Crabs Inshore: Squid, Anchovy and Sardines Surf: Sand Crabs