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Little Juniata River - PA

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TCO Fly Shop's Tip of the Week

LJ is at historic low levels. ISO and Sulphers are around.

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5-Day Outlook as of 6/6/23

Please call for the most current weather and water levels. 814-689-3654

Techniques & Tips as of 6/6/23

Sulphers are popping, look for the hatch to be mid to late afternoon on cloudy days, towards evening on sunny days. Caddis and BWO are mixed in. Most fish will feed heaviest in the riffles and faster water. Best dry fly action will be at dusk.

Local Species Available All year

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    Brown Trout with occassional rainbows

TCO Fly Shop's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Elk Wing Caddis tan 14-16
Sulphur Parachute N/A 14-16
Tunghead Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail N/A 14-16
Tunghead Hare's Ear Grub N/A 12-16
Slump Busters olive 4-6
Walt's Worm N/A 10-16
Quasimodo Pheasant Tail N/A 12-18
Bead Head Flash Bugger Olive 6-12

Elk Wing Caddis

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TCO Fly Shop's Recommended Gear

Description: About Little Juniata River

The Little Juniata River, a 35 mile tributary of Juniata River, begins humbly in Altoona when several small streams merge. Known locally as the “Little J” or simply the “J,” the river flows northeast from Altoona through the Logan Valley. This part of the river is a freestone fishery for predominantly stocked trout, but that changes quickly when the Little J bends sharply southeast at the town of Tyrone. Below Tyrone, the Little Juniata flows against high limestone cliffs and receives in-flows from dozens of large limestone springs which cool the river and add nutrients. The river’s deep, chalky-green pools and numerous riffles create the perfect environments to grow truly large trout. The J is a beautiful river, dotted with hand-cut stone railroad arches. But it becomes particularly scenic below Spruce Creek’s convergence, as it flows through the roadless “gorge” section within Rothrock State Forest. 13.5 miles of the Little Juniata River, from the bridge at Ironville to its confluence with the Frankstown Branch near Petersburg, is regulated as All Tackle Catch and Release. This special protection ensures that the river’s wild brown trout are able to thrive and attain proportions that are uncommon in the Northeastern U.S. The state stopped stocking fingerlings in the Little J and most of the river's fish are now wild.

Nearest Airport:

State College Airport (SCE)


Sulphur (14-16) BWO (18-22) Tan Caddis (14-16) Black Caddis (16-18) Crane Fly (12-14) Midges (20-26)

Best Time to Fish:


Best Stretch:

Spruce Creek to Barree

Best Access:

Rothrock State Forest, near Barree, PA - Spruce Creek bridge - Route 453 - River Road