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Fishing Creek - PA

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TCO Fly Shop's Tip of the Week

Fishing Creek is above average. Water will be dirty after the incoming showers. When the water levels drop, streamers and stonefly patterns are best. Expect tricos in the morning.

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5-Day Outlook as of 7/25/23

Call TCO Fly Shop for the most current weather and water levels. 814-689-3654

Techniques & Tips as of 7/25/23

Look for caddis, ISO, small bwo/quills and some stoneflies to bring fish up, nymphing will produce when fish are not eating on top. Dry fly action has been best in the evenings. Don't be scared to throw a terrestrial during the heat of the day. As summer temps begin to ramp up, be sure to carry a thermometer.

Local Species Available All Year

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TCO Fly Shop's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Adams N/A 14-16
Elk Wing Caddis tan 14-16
Bead Head Stonefly N/A 6-10
Bead Head Hare's Ear Nymph N/A 12-18
GD SculpSnack N/A 6-12
Blue Quill Black/Clear 18-22


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TCO Fly Shop's Recommended Gear

Description: About Fishing Creek

Fishing Creek originates above the town of Tylersville and flows north east into Bald Eagle Creek at Mill Hall. But the section referred to as the “Narrows,” near the town of Lamar, is by far the most popular with anglers. A large spring at the Tylersville’s state hatchery adds a healthy dose of cold, limestone water and the necessary nutrients to produce one of the state’s finest wild brown trout fisheries. Anglers from all over the world come to fish this stream and its abundant hatches. Wildlife encounters are common within Big Fishing Creek’s beautiful, untamed, heavily shaded valley. White tail deer, black bears, turkeys, coyotes, and rattle snakes are a possibility anytime an angler decides to fish the “Narrows.” Fishing Creek’s dynamic geology enables anglers to fish varieties of water types more commonly found in free-stone streams--from fast flowing riffles, to runs, and slow, glassy pools. Wild Brown trout up to 16 inches and native brook trout up to 12 inches are often caught in this section. But fishing during the famed green drake hatch, or high-water streamer conditions, can produce the occasional leviathan brown trout--this is where Joe Humphreys caught his state record brown trout while night fishing. Fishing Creek is often the most productive Central Pennsylvania trout fishery during periods of extreme summer heat and low water. Spectacular scenery, great hatches, and the highest wild trout biomass in the state make it one of our most popular fisheries.

Nearest Airport:

State College


Tan Caddis (14-16) ISO (10-12) Black Caddis (16-18) Blue Quill (18-22) Cahill (12-14) Golden Stone (6-10) BWO (18-22) Midges (20-26)

Best Time to Fish:


Best Stretch:

The Narrows

Best Access:

Narrows road near Lamar.