Fishing Season: Season Apri 1 - October 15

Schoharie Creek - NY

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

Water Temp:


Hunter Mountain Sports & Expeditions's Tip of the Week

The cooler fall temperatures along with ideal water levels have made fishing conditions very good. Now that the Brown trout are spawninge streamer flies would be a great option. A size # 8 black Woolley Bugger caught several nice Browns on recent outings.

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Map of Schoharie Creek

Water Flow Data

5-Day Outlook as of 9/27/23

Water levels are currently good, but rain is once again in the forecast. Monitoring the CFS before venturing out would be advised this week.

Techniques & Tips as of 9/27/23

Currently fishing conditions are still improving with top water activity becoming better. You may see a few feeding on the surface, but most are feeding just below the surface on the emerging nymphs. To be successful right now a dropper rig will be your best bet. Tie a small lightweight nymph about two feet below a stimulator fly for this rig. Our most successful combination as of late has been a size #12 stimulator dry with a size #16 Pheasant Tail nymph. Cast the combination upstream and allow it to drift well downstream. Just as the dry fly starts to swing at the end of the drift, slowly lift it up. This will bring the nymph up through the water column replicating a emerging nymph. Make sure to do this after every drift. More than half the strikes will be at the very end of the cycle.

Local Species Available Season Apri 1 - October 15

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    Trout and Small Mouth Bass

Hunter Mountain Sports & Expeditions's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Dave's Oh-So-Iso Brown #12
Light Hendrickson White #14
CDC Emerging Caddis Grey #16
Indicator Parachute - Sulphur Yellow #14
Gray Fox Gray #12
Blue Wing Olive Parachute Green #18

Dave's Oh-So-Iso

This Slate Drake fly is the ultimate Iso imitation.

Hunter Mountain Sports & Expeditions's Recommended Gear

Description: About Schoharie Creek

The Schoharie Creek is located in the heart of the northern Catskills and flows into the Schoharie Reservoir which is the first link in the chain of the extensive reservoir system that supplies New York City with some of the purest drinking water in the world. Not being a tailwater stream it has all the characteristics of a real, wild, mountain, trout stream. Its gin clear water makes for breath taking beauty and spooky fish. The stream is littered with huge boulders that offer the fish plenty of shelter to hide during the midday hours, while most feeding occurs either early morning or especially in the evenings. This is one stream that does not easily relinquish its secrets. One must put in some time and effort to receive the many rewards this beautiful stream has to offer. The Schoharie represents a true experience for the purist fly fisherman. Hiring a local guide for the day will definitely enhance this experience. The fish population of the Schoharie Creek is mostly Browns with a few Rainbows in the lower section that flows into the Schoharie Reservoir. The stream is stocked every year with several thousand fish and many will hold over for several years after to become strong, big, and healthy. Several breeding fish, from the reservoir, will come into the stream every year presenting the opportunity for you to actually see your backing. Many years ago Art Flick, with the support of the D.E.C., designed a barrier dam to protect the trout from predation by the large population of migrating Small Mouth Bass and Walleye that inhabit the reservoir. Below the barrier dam, during the warm summer months when the trout fishing start to cool down, some of the best Small Mouth action on a fly rod you could imagine heats up. As fall approaches the leaves and the Browns take on spectacular hues of color that mark the climax of the season. This is the very best fishiing of the season as the trout go into a feeding frenzy to fatten themselves for the long harsh winter ahead. Call to book your trip. Irwin’ Catskills Adventures. (518)755-7775 ask for Debbie

Nearest Airport:

Albany International


Isonychias Light Cahills Caddis Sulphers Blue Wing Olives

Best Time to Fish:

Early mornings and late evenings..

Best Stretch:

Prattsville Municipal Park

Best Access:

Public parking area at the park.