Fishing Season: Apr. 1st- Oct. 15th, 1st Sat in May to March 15th, Panfish all Year, Bass Opens 3rd Saturday in June

Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region - NY

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

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Blue Line Sports's Tip of the Week

Bug Protection, bug dope, PPE, long lightweight clothing and head nets will make your fishing experience better! Trout season opened on April 1, 2023. Slow water small boat trolling streamer flies on sinking lines are a good early season presentation. Pike and Walleye open May 1st 2023. Bass opens June 15th of 2023, except where special regulations exist. Check out new regulations at Talk to folks at local fly and tackle shops for the best and most accurate fishing information.

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Map of Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region

Water Flow Data

Tidal Conditions

5-Day Outlook as of 6/8/23

The Trout fishing 7 day outlook is good! Water temps are between 58 and 68 degrees. Rainbows, Brookies, Browns, Lake Trout, and Land Locked Salmon are all actively feeding on nymphs, pupa, emergers, and consecutively the earliest dry flies of the season. There is a lot of options on the table at this time including tadpoles, salamanders leeches, and minnow par.

Techniques & Tips as of 6/8/23

Drown a dragon fly nymph near structure and use a slow rolling finger retrieve. The best still-water technique requires you to anchor down near an inlet or a nice shoal approximately 7-14 feet in depth. Count your prospecting nymph or pupa flies down to a couple of feet above the bottom structure. Then start your retrieve. This requires PATIENCE! 1,2,3,4, etc. 1-2 inch per second sinking fly lines or weighted poly leaders will work best. Be patient. Before you get hung up on the bottom begin a slow rolling hand retrieve and wait for the take. Take up your slack and start your reeling retrieve with your fly reel. Prospecting flies like deep nymphs and trolling streamer flies, are best techniques for this early season trout fishing. Slowly troll streamer flies with sinking lines at moderate rowing speeds. Have a good fly rod holder in your boat. Be sure to check local area regulations for region 5 fisheries

Current Conditions as of 6/8/23

Water temperatures warmed up quickly. Rain has slowed down a bit. Water levels have returned to normal levels for this time of the season. Nymphs are still very active and the black flies,midges, and mosquitos have started to swarm. There is some dragon flies and damsel flies in the air and they are pleasant to see as they are predators for biting pests. Rainbow trout, Brookies, Lake Trout and LL Salmon are all coming on, and feeding on mayfly, caddisfly and nymphs of all kinds. Lakes and ponds are seasonally turning over. Oxygen levels are increasing. Lake and Pond productivity is increasing. Fish seem to be feeding heavily in 7-15' of water adjacent to inlet brooks, streams, and rivers. Check local area special regulations for Region 5 fisheries. Trout fishing is open as of April 1st. Open water fishing is permitted. Have appropriate wading gear. Always have flotation devices on and available in the boat. Dry suits are highly recommended for kayak fishing. Take life threatening conditions seriously when it comes to the risks of cold water immersion.

Local Species Available Apr. 1st- Oct. 15th, 1st Sat in May to March 15th, Panfish all Year, Bass Opens 3rd Saturday in June

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    Bass & Panfish

Blue Line Sports's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Zug Bug Olv 16,18,20
Light Hendrickson Blk,Gry 14,16,18
Gray Ghost Streamer Gry 6,8,10
Orvis CJ Nymph Grn 14,16,18
Krystal Bugger Blk,Brn,Grn 8,10,12
Dragon fly Nymph Grn,Brn 8,10
Grannom Emerger Blk,Grn 14,16,18
Muddler Minnow Gry,Org 6,8,10
BND Nat 8,10,12
WTD CH Muddler Minnow Nat,Wht 6,8,10

Zug Bug

Image Not Found

Blue Line Sports's Recommended Gear

Description: About Lakes and Ponds in Saranac Lakes Region

The Saranac Lakes Region and the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness is located in the Northern Adirondack Park, Upstate New York. Surrounded by state campgrounds and recreational opportunities the region contains hundreds of lakes and ponds with countless fishing, boating, and hiking opportunities. The Adirondack Park is a 65 million acre park with over 2000 lakes and ponds whose highest points bring fresh water to the St.Lawrence River, Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario, and Hudson River Watersheds.

Nearest Airport:

Bait Recommendations:

Larvae and pupa caddis emergers. Small black caddisflies. Small minnows BND, Smelt & trout fry.