Fishing Season: April-January .

New York Harbor - NY

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

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On The Bite Charters's Tip of the Week

Stripers are blitzing peanut bunker all day long. Fishing is fast and furious! Now is the time to make plans

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5-Day Outlook as of 11/22/22

Striper fishing is hot with lots of fish 14-20 lbs. Both morning and afternoon trips are producing double digit catches.

Techniques & Tips as of 11/22/22

Bunker flies, Big deceivers Half/Half Clousers, olive /white and chartreuse/white size 2/0-3/0 patterns should be fished around the bunker schools

Current Conditions as of 11/22/22

Water temps are dropping and big Stripers up to 35lbs are feeding all day long on bunker schools.

Local Species Available April-January .

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    Striped Bass

On The Bite Charters's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Half And Half Chartreuse/White 2/0- 3/0
Half And Half Olive/White 2/0-3/0
Softy Sand Eel Olive/White 2/0-3/0
Cowen's Baitfish Olive/White 4/0-6/0
Bunker Fly Olive/White 6/0-8/0
Herring fly Blue/white 6/0-8/0
Monomoy Flatwing white 2/0-4/0
Softy Minnow Olive/White 2/0-3/0

Half And Half

These flies incorporate the best design aspects of the Clouser and Deceiver into one!

On The Bite Charters's Recommended Gear

Description: About New York Harbor

NY Harbor and Raritan Bay are the Gateway to the Hudson River Striped Bass Spawning Grounds. The Spring Run and Fall Run are spectacular! with fish up to 50 lbs on the feed " a great time to catch a trophy Striper". Late Spring schools of marauding Bluefish up to 20lbs move in and are eager to take any fly you can throw at them "a sure shot" for first time anglers. Early Fall False Albacore aka Albies! arrive and provide the ultimate in shore fly fishing. "These speedsters will get you into your backing within seconds flat" Aside from fishing you will see New York City's Iconic Skyline,The Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn's famous Coney Island Beach

Nearest Airport:

JFK, Newark, Laguardia

Bait Recommendations:

Menhaden (bunker),