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Neversink River - NY

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    brook & rainbow trout

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"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Light Hendrickson N/A 14
Elk Wing Caddis green 14/16
Grannom Emerger N/A
Frenchies N/A 14, 16

Light Hendrickson

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Description: About Neversink River

This river is a legendary Catskill river that was divided in 1955 by the New York City when they constructed a water supply reservoir. This event created a downriver tail-water that extends for about six miles of still pools and slow riffles. Long leaders and delicate presentations are the rule on this stretch of river that is the home to both wild and domestic brown trout. As you travel further downriver the Neversink enters the Neversink River Unique Area, an official designation given by the NY DEC which provides this portion of the river with special protection and also a semi-wilderness status. Fishing here is by walk-in only. It's a down hill walk to the river, but the walk back up is found by many to be invigorating to say the least. This harder than usual access naturally removes much angling pressure from this 5 mile stretch of river. Here, you are looking at primarily pocket water fishing along challenging banks. Wild browns, rainbows and brook trout all inhabit this part of the river along with strayed domestic fish either from state or private club stocking in other parts of the river and its tributaries. The whole section is managed as a catch & release fishery. Springs feed into the river here helping to keep the water cool though the summer, but caution must be taken when fishing here during the warmer months. Limit your fishing to the early morning when the water is at its coolest in order not to stress the trout. A nice day can be had fishing the gorge in the early AM, then after a leisurely afternoon lunch, fishing another Catskill tailwater for the evening. Wading can be treacherous and a wading stick is advised along with proper footwear. Overall the Neversink is a pristine river with wonderful fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities with bald eagles, rattlesnakes and black bears being common.

Nearest Airport:

Newburgh, NY


Hendricksons caddis olives

Best Time to Fish:

all day

Best Stretch:

the whole river from the reservoir through the gorge.

Best Access:

any of the DEC access points