Fishing Season: January 1st through October15th, Pike fishing after that til it gets to cold.

Upper Connecticut River - NH

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

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Lopstick Lodge's Tip of the Week

Trout season is open as of January 1st. Water levels are coming down. With that said there are good options and variety. Ponds, Small Streams, Rivers.

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5-Day Outlook as of 9/18/23

Weather is looking good for the next few days. Water temps are good. There is still fish to be caught. Mo The water levels are starting to drop slightly. We are starting to see more terrestrial activity.These fish hungry and feeding well. VERY IMPORTANT!!! WADE SAFELY!!!

Techniques & Tips as of 9/18/23

Nymphing, either indicator or Euro styles. Hopper, dropper, dropper. The dries on the small streams have been a lot of fun. >~}~}}'>

Local Species Available January 1st through October15th, Pike fishing after that til it gets to cold.

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Lopstick Lodge's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Gray Ghost Streamer Gray 6
The Doculator Orange 14
TH Duracell Jig Purple 16
Tunghead Stonefly Brown 10
Soft Hackle Streamer Olive 6
Kesslar olive jig Olive 10
Elk Wing Caddis Grey 14
Larson's Legend Golden Stone Dry Yellow 8
Soft Hackle Streamers Grey 6
Articulated Wiggle tail Orange 4/0

Gray Ghost Streamer

Image Not Found

Lopstick Lodge's Recommended Gear

Description: About Upper Connecticut River

The Upper Connecticut River starts at the Canadian border. From there it travels through the Connecticut Lakes providing wade-able fishing in the river in between the lakes, most notable the 'Trophy Stretch' between First Lake and Lake Francis. From Lake Francis, the river widens. the river is wade-able to West Stewartstown NH / Canaan VT but from there down stream, the river is best accessed by driftboat, canoe or kayak. Browns, rainbows and brook trout inhabit the waters above and below Lake Francis while landlock salmon live primarily in the river between the lakes.

Nearest Airport:



Caddis, BWO, some small stones.

Best Time to Fish:

All day

Best Stretch:

The water is high in the main river , Please be Cautious wading. The small streams are very weadable.

Best Access:

The majority of land in Pittsburg is in some sort of conservation easement and it is open to the public, unless it is PHYSICALLY POSTED. Lots of public and designated access points.