Fishing Season: Mid May - Mid October 2018

Nantucket - MA

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5-Day Outlook as of 6/10/21

False Albacore numbers should improve every day. We anticipate a great fall.

Techniques & Tips as of 6/10/21

False Albacore will soon surround the Island. Whether you are fishing from boats or shore, look for breaking fish

Current Conditions as of 6/10/21

False Albacore numbers should improve every day. We anticipate a great fall.

Local Species Available Mid May - Mid October 2018

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    Striped Bass

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    False Albacore

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    Bluefin Tuna

Capt Tom's Charters's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Cowen's Baitfish Blue/white 1/0
Ozzie's Sand Eel white 1/0
Cowen's Albie Anchovie Cha/wh 1/0
Clouser Minnow Chartruse/white 1/0
small squid patterns N/A
Burk's minnow Blue/white 1/0
Kinky Muddler N/A 1/0
Clouser Minnow white, red 1/0

Cowen's Baitfish

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Capt Tom's Charters's Recommended Gear

Description: About Nantucket

Nantucket offers some of the most diverse fishing conditions in the Northeast, and some of the most exciting fly fishing opportunities anywhere. The rips along the southern-facing shores create optimal conditions for bluefish and striped bass, and our coastal flats offer prime sight-fishing locations for Striped Bass. Bonito and False Albacore -- both late summer arrivals -- round out the coveted "Nantucket Slam," and the occasional appearance of small- to mid-sized bluefin tuna offer the serious fly fishermen among us all the excitement they could want.

Nearest Airport:

Nantucket Memorial Airport

Bait Recommendations:

Squid, sand eels, crabs and butterfish