Fishing Season: May 20th - November 10th

Essex River - MA

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

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Elliot Jenkins's Tip of the Week

Look for out going tides and fish still feeding on herring. Outside there have been mackerel and pogies which will usually have bass underneath

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Capt. Eliot Jenkins

5-Day Outlook as of 6/24/24

Should stay hot this week with plenty of fish still moving north

Techniques & Tips as of 6/24/24

Getting flies deep and long strips

Current Conditions as of 6/24/24

Cool temps in the am and fish looking for warm water. Not much bird activity - but fish are here and biting flies on sinking lines like the orvis depth charge

Local Species Available May 20th - November 10th

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    Striped bass

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    False albacore

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    & Bluefin Tuna

Elliot Jenkins's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Monomoy Flatwing Olive/White 2 and 2/0
Lefty's Deceiver Chartreuse/White 2 and 2/0
Clouser Minnow N/A
Clouser Minnow N/A
Monomoy Flatwing N/A 2/0
Enrico Puglisi Bunker Pattern 7 2/0
Bucktail Deceiver N/A
Enrico Puglisi Bunker Pattern 7 2/0
Enrico Puglisi Mackerel Pattern 7 2/0

Monomoy Flatwing

Image Not Found

Elliot Jenkins's Recommended Gear

Description: About Essex River

The Essex River originates in Essex, Massachusetts, and is a tidal river. It is a part of the Great Marsh System along the northern most coast of Massachusetts. The Essex River and its extensive saltwater marshes and islands are protected from the forces of the ocean by Crane Beach, a three mile long barrier island located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Striped bass move into the Essex River and the marshes and are fished for from the first week in May through the second week in October. Bluefish also move in and out of the system as the season progresses. Striped bass are most active when there is a good tidal flow, and anglers can fish the mussel beds and other structures, the troughs, the edges of the sand bars and marsh banks, the sand flats, the outflows of marsh creeks, and breaking fish chasing bait to the surface. Associated with the Essex River and Crane Beach are an extensive system of sand bars and sand flats which become visible at low tide and which allow anglers to sight fish to cruising stripers when light and surface conditions are just right. Bait that appears at various times of the season are: herring, sand eels, silver sides, baby bunker, shrimp, and juvenile crabs and lobsters. Fly and spin anglers have an abundant selection of flies and lures to imitate the bait. During the week there is little fishing pressure from other anglers, especially at sunrise and into the late morning. For a visual, search Google Earth for this location - Capt. Kalil Boghdan

Nearest Airport:

Logan Airport, Boston

Bait Recommendations:

Mackerel and pogies