Fishing Season: May 15th - November 10th

Boston Harbor - MA

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Elliot Jenkins's Tip of the Week

Early morning has been good for striped bass in Boston harbor. Outgoing tide has been best but that may switch this week. Pogies and mackerel have been the main bait but up inside small herring have been the main forage.

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Capt. Eliot Jenkins

5-Day Outlook as of 6/24/24

It should b more of the same! As things heat up in the harbor the bass may start moving out to the deeper water

Techniques & Tips as of 6/24/24

Sinking line like the orvis depth charge works well with baitfish patterns like the EP peanut butter

Current Conditions as of 6/24/24

This is prime time!

Local Species Available May 15th - November 10th

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    Striped bass

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Elliot Jenkins's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Bucktail Deceiver Black 1/0
Kinky Muddler N/A
Mega Clouser N/A
Chicone's GT Pinfish N/A
Cowen's Baitfish N/A

Bucktail Deceiver

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Elliot Jenkins's Recommended Gear

Description: About Boston Harbor

Boston harbor and the surrounding bays are prime spots for Striped Bass. Alewife and juvenile herring occupy the area from the spring (spawning river herring) through the fall. Because of its geographic location it provides the next stopping spot for migrating striped bass. North bound stripers come around Cape Cod or slip through the canal on their push to bait laden waters. Boston harbor, Nahant, Swapscott, and Marblehead provide the perfect backboard for coastal migrating species. The harbor has two major fresh water deposits, the Charles & Mystic rivers each host spawning alewife in the spring and provide warm fresh water that attracts baitfish. With an abundance of structure the the harbor ebbs & flows on average, 10ft every 6 hours. The numerous islands & reefs act as ideal ambush spots for feeding striped bass.

Nearest Airport:

Logan International Airport

Bait Recommendations:

Mackerel and pogies