Fishing Season: May through October is prime time

Wisconsin River - WI

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Orvis Madison's Tip of the Week

We are closed for the season. we will open in Spring 2022. Thanks for your business!

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5-Day Outlook as of 3/31/22

Tue 09 63°/52° Partly Cloudy 8% SSE 16 mph Wed 10 62°/42° Rain 81% S 18 mph Thu 11 50°/30° AM Showers 40% WNW 11 mph Fri 12 51°/22° Partly Cloudy 6% WNW 9 mph Sat 13 43°/25° Mostly Sunny 6% N 7 mph Sun 14 46°/31° PM Showers 32% E 11 mph Mon 15 45°/25° Rain/Snow Showers 53% S 10 mph Tue 16 44°/25° Mostly Cloudy 15% WNW 12 mph Wed 17 40°/23° Partly Cloudy 22% WSW 12 mph Thu 18 37°/20° Partly Cloudy 24% WNW 12 mph Fri 19 39°/23° Partly Cloudy 12% WNW 9 mph Sat 20 43°/26° Mostly Cloudy 13% WSW 11 mph Sun 21 45°/27° Rain/Snow 42% S 11 mph Mon 22 44°/24° AM Snow Showers 34% W 10 mph Top Stories Where to Expect Snow This Week Forecast: Severe Storms, Flooding Rain Ahead We are closed for the season. we will open in Spring 2022. Thanks for your business!

Techniques & Tips as of 3/31/22

We are closed for the season. we will open in Spring 2022. Thanks for your business!

Local Species Available May through October is prime time

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    Smallmouth bass

Orvis Madison's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Cone Head Muddler Minnow White 4
Clouser Minnow Gray/white 2
Bead Head Flash Zonker Olive/white 2
Blados Crease Fly Silver 2
Bass Slider White 2
Gulley Ultra Craw Brown 1/0
Trash Can Streamer Red/white 1/0
Bass Popper Chartreuse 1/0
Woolly Bugger White 4
Woolly Bugger Tan 4

Cone Head Muddler Minnow

Catch more fish with the classic muddler minnow fly.

Orvis Madison's Recommended Gear

Description: About Wisconsin River

Flowing freely for ninety miles below the Prairie du Sac dam, the lower Wisconsin riverway is southern Wisconsin's premier warmwater fishery. Early spring is prime-time for walleye; smallmouth bass are the primary target through the summer and into early fall; and muskellunge close out the unofficial season in late fall. Fishing opportunities abound, and one is just as likely to hook into white bass, panfish, pike, gar, or carp as you are smallmouth and muskie. The river's sand bottom changes constantly and shallows abruptly; care must be taken with prop motors, and drift boats and canoes work best to explore this water.

Nearest Airport:

Dane County Regional Airport


Small silver baitfish-- gizzard shad and minnows-- are the primary forage food for game fish. Crease flies are a good imitation, as well as deceivers. A swimming baitfish pattern will also provide a lot of action to attract fish.

Best Time to Fish:

Any time of

Best Stretch:

County Y launch (Mazomanie) to Arena

Best Access:

Multiple access points; best include VFW launch in Prairie du Sac, Hwy 12 launch in Sauk City, and Hwy Y launch in Mazomanie