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Extremely Low water is making fishing challenging. Please If you don't wet a line--you won't pose any fish for the camera. Get out there and fish! To see pictures of recent successes and more detailed information, feel free to stop by our blog take a look: or our Facebook page for straight from the river photos . See you on the river!

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5-Day Outlook as of 4/29/21 And The weather can also be found on our report on the Orvis fishing report page, top right. Watch for changes in report or call the Lodge.

Techniques & Tips as of 4/29/21

Steelhead fishing is winding down. While I’m sure May fish will arrive, the extremely low water will likely shorten their stay in the river. Traditional Spey, trout Spey, single-hand streamer fishing, and even some afternoon dry fly fishing is available. Pick what you like.

Current Conditions as of 4/29/21 And The weather can also be found on our report on the Orvis fishing report page, top right. Watch for changes in report or call the Lodge.

Local Species Available Year Round

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    Trout (year-round)

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    steelhead & salmon seasonally

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Description: About Muskegon River

The Muskegon River–a tailwater fishery of western scale and beauty flowing through the small town of Newaygo–is located just 45 minutes north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its banks forested and sometimes tall, the Muskegon flows clear and bright over gravel bars only to settle into dark runs and pools full of promise. With miles of expansive river to explore—best, but not exclusively so, by boat—the MO’s fly fishermen can slip away to ply waters less traveled, year-round. Prolific runs of steelhead and Chinook salmon seasonally challenge tackle and skills as only large potamodromous fish can. Two-handed Spey fishing for steelhead is particularly appealing, mid-October through early May. Caddis, mayflies, midges, scuds, and stone flies—along with salmon and steelhead fry—are abundant, providing an array of prey for resident rainbow and brown trout and hatch-matching decisions for fly fishermen. Exceptional trout hold in the river year-round so, truly, one may encounter a trout of a lifetime at any time. Not to be overlooked, too, is the MO’s exceptional smallmouth bass fishery, July through early September. Striking water clarity, bass feeding on top and below, and a lazy summer’s day float, make for a day astream hard to beat. America is blessed with great rivers, to be sure, and surely the Muskegon is one of them. Experience it once and you, like us, may be drawn back, time and time again.

Nearest Airport:

Grand Rapids Airport (GRR)

Best Stretch:

Croton to New bridge (trout) Croton to Bridgeton (steelhead)

Best Access:

Pine Ave, Carmichael Flats ,Thornapple Henning Park, New Bridge,Bigalow creek TU access