Fishing Season: Year Round (Prime: April 15 - September 30)

Lake St. Clair - MI

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Orvis Royal Oak's Tip of the Week

Floating lines and dry flies. Bass are pretty much done spawning.

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5-Day Outlook as of 6/19/24

Hot temps have supercharged the 2nd wave of the hex hatch.

Techniques & Tips as of 6/19/24

Floating lines with hexegenia dry flies or intermediate sink lines with hex nymphs

Local Species Available Year Round (Prime: April 15 - September 30)

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Orvis Royal Oak's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Clouser Minnow Olive 6
Kinky Muddler brown 6
Grassett's Snook Minnow OLIVE 4
Woolly Bugger Olive 8
Monomoy Flatwing White/Olive 6
May's Full Motion Crayfish N/A

Clouser Minnow

This fly is arguably the best all-around and most recommended saltwater fly ever tied.

Orvis Royal Oak's Recommended Gear

Description: About Lake St. Clair

Sandwiched between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair is one of the top lakes in the country for chasing Muskie and Smallmouth. Many other species are abundant such as Largemouth, Carp, White Bass, Pike, Walleye and a variety of panfish. The season begins at ice-out (late March or April) when Pike hunt the warm shallow waters in search for a meal after spawning. Later on in May, bass seek morsels in warmer shallows before they spawn. In late May into July, Carp are a favorite target Muskie and White Bass kick into gear in June. Mid-June starts anincredible Brown Drake and Hexagenia hatch that all fish focus on. This is a great time to catch Walleye on a dry-fly! All species are up for grabs atthis time. From late May through July a carefully presented Hex nymph pattern during the day will keep you busy for hours. Large perch patterns will get you hooked into many species especially Pike and Muskie. Whether you are in a boat, hitting the flats off Metro Beach or casting off of oneof the many designated fishing areas, you are bound to have a great day. General techniques: Fish the shallows with dark bottoms and where current meets structure in the early season. Fish the depths along channels and weedbeds in the warmest months. Then back to the shallows in September. Baitfish flies are best, followed by hex nymphs during June. Crayfish patterns have their uses, but most fish on St. Clair gorge on smaller fish all year long.Topwater flies will take white bass in the very early morning and occasionally muskie in the fall, but subsurface tends to be most effective. It's always a good idea to fish along color changes which indicate depth change, weed lines, or structure.

Nearest Airport:

Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)


Baitfish Baitfish Hex and Drakes More baitfish Crayfish

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Best Access:

Launches and shore fishing areas along the Jefferson Ave corridor and Harsen's Island