Fishing Season: Boardman is now closed upstream of Beitner Rd until 4/27/24. Special regs downstream of Beitner

Boardman River - MI

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THE ENTIRE BOARDMAN RIVER IS NOW CLOSED UPSTREAM OF BEITNER/KEYSTONE ROAD UNTIL APRIL 27, 2024. GO TO DNR WEBSITE FOR SPECIAL REGS DOWNSTREAM TO THE MOUTH: 2023 All Species Fishing License is required through March, 2024. Above freezing midday temps with levels lowering this week. Water temps will remain higher in the upper 30's and even lower 40's by week's end. Levels will rise as runoff occurs again, but wading should be reasonable. Streamer stripping will remain good with ice free guides and rising water. Streamer stripping is now practical and a good method while temps remain above freezing afternoons this week and next.

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5-Day Outlook as of 2/26/24

Warm February weather is here for the week. Seasonably cold overnights and well above freezing temps for the afternoons will warm water, and make wading and streamer fishing good. Euro and 2-handed swinging flies will continue as well. Streamer fishing will be easier with temps above the freezing mark and ice-free guides for the week. Go to zip code 49684 for latest weather at your favorite weather site.

Techniques & Tips as of 2/26/24

This week streamer stripping is the tactic of choice this week and next as air temps rise into the 50's. As the week progresses and water temps rise considerably, choose deeper runs and softer water for Euro drifts and tungston flies that will drop fast and deep. Swinging soft-hackles and streamers near jams is easy in the cold and suited to those who want to keep wading and walking.

Local Species Available Boardman is now closed upstream of Beitner Rd until 4/27/24. Special regs downstream of Beitner

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    Brook trout

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    brown trout

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    — brown & rainbow trout

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    king & coho salmon

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    smallmouth below Union St dam

Streamside Michigan's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Blue Winged Olive N/A #20-24
Bead Head Stonefly tan #12
Bead Head Brassie™ N/A #18
Bead Head Caddis Pupa N/A #14
Zuggler olive, white, black, #4
Copper John black #14
Lightning Bug pearl #18
Bead Head Stonefly black #14-16
Mini D&D white, tan #6
Gartside Soft-hackle Streamer yellow, black, white #4-6

Blue Winged Olive

Image Not Found

Streamside Michigan's Recommended Gear

Description: About Boardman River

THE BOARDMAN RIVER IS NOW CLOSED UPSTREAM OF BEITNER/KEYSTONE ROAD UNTIL APRIL 27, 2024. SPECIAL REGS FROM KEYSTONE LANDING DOWNSTREAM TO THE MOUTH. The beautiful Boardman River, birthplace of the Adams fly, starts east and south of Traverse City and ends as it flows into the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay in Lake Michigan. Self-sustaining populations of rainbow, brown and brook trout inhabit all sections of the river, but have higher populations of brook trout in the uppermost sections. Favorite hatches include Hendricksons and black caddis in May, sulfurs, brown drakes and isonychia in June, with gray drakes and the famous hex hatch in late June and July. Late July and August terrestrial, trico, and baetis fishing rounds out the summer. Aggressive fall spawning browns chase large streamers and attracters in September as well. The upper Boardman River closes the end of September while the lower river below Sabin Dam remains open all year. In October, the lower river fills with Lake Michigan coho and Chinook salmon. The salmon run culminates in late October with a fall run of steelhead. Steelhead fishing continues all winter and peaks in March and April. These enormous 8 to 15 pound lake-run rainbow trout draw anglers from around the world. The easy gradient and sand and gravel bottom makes wading comfortable with numerous public access points. Both arms of Grand Traverse Bay have wadable flats that will host schools of spawning Great Lakes carp and smallmouth in months of May and June.

Nearest Airport:

Cherry Capital Traverse City (TVC)


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Best Time to Fish:


Best Stretch:

Above and below Jack's Landing at Robbins Bridge

Best Access:

Robbins Bridge