Fishing Season: Spring thru Fall

Sugar Creek - IN

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

Water Temp:


Orvis Carmel's Tip of the Week

Streamers are working, throw a clouser, wooly bugger or any bait fish pattern you have! Our streamer choice's would be Clouser minnow's, Deceiver's, Wolly Buggers, Conrad's Wounded Minnow and Stonefly buggers! The topwater bite is off the hook! This time of year (with low water) we like Sneaky Pete's, Deer Hair Divers, Todd's wiggle minnow, Mr. Wiggley, etc. Sometimes being aggressive with a popper will have an adverse effect on fishing; think smaller and quieter!

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Map of Sugar Creek

Water Flow Data

5-Day Outlook as of 11/28/23

The weather this week will bounce between mid 50's and mid 60's for our high temperature. We recommend searching for the deeper runs and pools where the fish will be looking for warmer water. We recommend fishing late in the afternoon.

Techniques & Tips as of 11/28/23

Streamers are working well, we like game changers, bugger changers, Conrad's wounded minnow, Clouser minnows and wooly buggers!

Local Species Available Spring thru Fall

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    Small Mouth Bass

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    rock bass

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Orvis Carmel's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Weedless Sneaky Pete Popper Chart or Black 6-10
Woolly Bugger olive, black 6-10
Bass Popper Red 8
Hair Bass Bug Fruit Cocktail 4-6
Near Nuff Crayfish Olive 8
Lefty's Deceiver White/Chart 2-4
Conehead Bunny Muddler char, black 2-4
Clouser Minnow Chart/White 6-1/0
Todds Wiggle Minnow N/A

Weedless Sneaky Pete Popper

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Orvis Carmel's Recommended Gear

Description: About Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek is the epitome of a small mouth bass fishery. It has all the structure that smallies like to orient into and pleanty of food for them to eat. You can either walk and wade or float this river, although at higher flows drift boats are recomended. This river constantly produces smallies over 20", so if you want to feel the tug of a fish that just does not give up, Sugar is the best place for you to start your warm water river journey.

Nearest Airport:

Indianapolis International


Crawfish, Baitfish, Helgramites, Frogs, Leeches, Poppers

Best Time to Fish:

Mid Morning-Late Afternoon

Best Stretch:

covered bridge in darlington and down stream.

Best Access: