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East Fork White Water River - IN

Fishing Outlook & Conditions

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Orvis Carmel's Tip of the Week

This time of year, nymphing will be your key to catching trout in the Brookville Tailwater. We like soft hackle hare's ears, sparkle soft hackles, our tactical line of nymphs and scuds/sow bugs. Keep your drift right on the seam of fast/slow water and make sure your bobber (yes, we said it) is attached to your leader at the proper depth! You'll want to fish the seam between fast/slow water to target feeding trout. The trout will hold in the slower water looking for food in the faster water. We'll occasionally have fish taking dry's on top, but the hatches can be sporadic.

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Map of East Fork White Water River

Water Flow Data

5-Day Outlook as of 11/28/23

Water levels are high and fast, wait for it to slow before going. The USACE is still lowering the lake to winter pool, this should return to fishable levels soon!

Techniques & Tips as of 11/28/23

Nymphing is always a great technique to use at the tailwater! This time of year, we'll experience sporadic hatches offering up dry fly fishing opportunities. Don't be afraid to try a dry dropper set up! Streamers can be a game changer too, don't be afraid to throw a little meat at them!

Local Species Available Year Round

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    Brown and Rainbow Trout

Orvis Carmel's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Schroeder's Hi-Vis Hopper olive 18
Bank Beetle Black 20-22
Purple Haze purple 18-22
Micro Egg Red 18-22
Sow Bug cream 18-22
WD-40 Olive 16-18
Flashback Scud Wet Hare's Ear natutal 16-20
Woolly Bugger white 10-14
Stimulator Yellow 12-16
Midge White or Black 18-22

Schroeder's Hi-Vis Hopper

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Orvis Carmel's Recommended Gear

Description: About East Fork White Water River

Brookville as it is so called, is one of the few trout fisheries in the state of Indiana. While flows fluxuate constantly due to the dam built by the Army Corps of Engineers, you will get into large fish if you know where to look and how to fish it. The state stocks it yearly with Rainbow and Brown Trout, while this is a put and take fishery, most fly fishermen practice catch and release.

Nearest Airport:

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport


Zebra/Midges (White and Black) Sow Bugs/scuds Caddis/Elk Wing Caddis Prince Nymphs Wooly Buggers (white & Black) Parachute Adams

Best Time to Fish:

Early am or later in the pm

Best Stretch:

Dam to City Park

Best Access:

Fisherman's acess off Hwy 1 or Brookville City Park