Fishing Season: Year round from Old Lewiston Bridge down. April 1 to September 15 from Lewiston Dam to Old Lewiston

Trinity River - CA

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Steelhead are starting to show up and the crowds are still down. Its a good time to get out and swing up a fish

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5-Day Outlook as of 10/13/21

Reports will start to fill the river with anglers so get out soon.

Techniques & Tips as of 10/13/21

Pray or dance for rain.

Local Species Available Year round from Old Lewiston Bridge down. April 1 to September 15 from Lewiston Dam to Old Lewiston

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    Salmon And Trout

Wild Waters Fly Fishing's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
LePage Bead Head Hare's Ear N/A 14
Tunghead Pheasant Tail N/A 14-16
TH 20 Incher N/A 8-10
Vitso's Psycho Spawn N/A 10-14
Eggs pink 10-12
Micro Mayfly N/A 14-16
Steelie Omelet N/A
Super Floss Rubber Leg Brown/black, Black, Olive/black 6
Copper John red 10-14

LePage Bead Head Hare's Ear

A thorax bead ensures Lepage's Bead Head Hare's Ear drops deep quickly to imitate mayfly nymphs.

Wild Waters Fly Fishing's Recommended Gear

Description: About Trinity River

The Trinity River is well known as one of California's finest steelhead fisheries. There is 120 miles between Lewiston Dam and the confluence of the Klamath River. Most of the Lower stretches are not easily accessed and this part of the canyon can hold big class v rapids. The middle section of the river is popular fishing for salmon and steelhead and holds some good fly water. It is very scenic as most of the land owned by the USDA. The upper river controlled by Lewiston dam consists of more glide pools and small riffles, great fly water for steelhead. This part of the river is also a great trout fishery. Resident brown trout are caught and will often be 20 inches or larger. The top 1.5 miles of river is designated fly-fishing only with special regulations and has an open season from April 1st through Sept. 15th. This water is protected spawning grounds in the winter but in the summer it’s a fantastic rainbow trout fishery flourishing with what will soon be steelhead.

Nearest Airport:

Redding, CA RDD



Best Time to Fish:

All day

Best Stretch:

Lewiston to Pigeon Point

Best Access:

Many locations