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San Diego Bay - Inshore - CA

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En La Mosca Adventures's Tip of the Week

The Bite has been pretty good with plenty of Spotties, Yellowfin Croaker and Corvina showing up. Just make sure to follow the birds

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5-Day Outlook as of 7/19/21

The tides look good and the good fishing should continue.

Techniques & Tips as of 7/19/21

Use Intermediate in water less than 8 feet deep with short/quick strips followed by a pause. Deeper water 8 feet and deeper use a 200-250 grain shooting head with the same strip on a 6 or 7wt. Deeper channels, go to 7 0r 8 weight rod with a 250-350 grain shooting head. Olive/White and Brown/Orange Clouser have been getting the job done

Current Conditions as of 7/19/21

The tides look good and the good fishing should continue.

Local Species Available Year Round

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    Spotted Bay Bass

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En La Mosca Adventures's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Peterson's Spawning Shrimp N/A 2-6
Mink Shrimp N/A 4
Borski Bonefish Slider N/A 4-8
Turpin Messy Minnow Gold or Silver 6
Clouser Orange/Tan 2-6
Clouser Chartreuse/White 2-6
Cowen's Baitfish N/A 4-6
Half And Half Tan/White or Chart 1
Clouser Brown/Orange 2-6
Clouser Olive/Orange 2-4

Peterson's Spawning Shrimp

Bonefish can't resist the Peterson Spawning Shrimp.

En La Mosca Adventures's Recommended Gear

Description: About San Diego Bay - Inshore

San Diego Bay is a fabulous fishery. The Bay is large and divided into two sections by the Coronado Bay Bridge. The Back Bay is quieter with much less boat traffic and shallower waters throughout. The Front Bay has a great deal more boat traffic and deeper channels. The entire Bay supports over 20 different species that can be caught on the fly. The dominant fish is the Spotted Bay Bass which can be caught year round. Yellowfin Croaker, Short Fin Corvina, Halibut and Calico and Sand Bass are also caught in good numbers. There are also Pacific Bonefish in San Diego Bay that are generally caught when the water temperature is 65 to 70 degrees. The Back Bay supports the largest quantities of Bonefish. As in most bays, tidal movement is the key with a minimum of 4' exchange with incoming tide slightly better than outgoing.

Nearest Airport:

San Diego International Airport

Bait Recommendations:

Smelt, Anchovies, Shrimp and Clamps