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McCloud River - CA

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Wild Waters Fly Fishing's Tip of the Week

With about 16 inches of visibility this is the best we've seen the McCloud since June. Its time to revisit your favorite river.

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Wild Waters Fly Fishing

5-Day Outlook as of 10/13/21

The lower river is still muddy but you can catch a fish or two.

Techniques & Tips as of 10/13/21

Dry and Dropper in the pocket water during full sun.

Local Species Available ALL YEAR

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    Rainbows and Browns

Wild Waters Fly Fishing's Recommended Fly Patterns

"Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Name: Colors: Size(s):
Adams N/A 10-16
Wester CDC Sulpher Dry Fly N/A 14-18
CDC Mayfly Emerger N/A 12-16
Pale Morning Dun Thorax N/A 14-16
Pheasant Tails FB N/A 14-16
Copper John red 14-16
Stimulator N/A 8-10
Elk Wing Caddis N/A 14-16
Little Yellow Sallie N/A 14
Z-Wing Caddis Tan 14


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Wild Waters Fly Fishing's Recommended Gear

Description: About McCloud River

The McCloud River flows approximately 46 miles from its sacred sources to Shasta Lake. Within these 46 miles there are two very distinct and different rivers, the Upper and Lower McCloud, separated by McCloud reservoir. The Upper River provides more than 15 miles of fishable water. The Upper McCloud changes from a small cascading creek to white water torrent as springs add to the river. The Lower River has approximately 8 miles of public fishing. This deep lush river canyon has become a fly-fishing pilgrimage. This includes The Nature Conservancy’s McCloud River Preserve, limiting a three-mile stretch of river to only 10 anglers per day. The diversity of the McCloud River runs deep. Its incredible number of pockets, pools and riffles hardly match the number of hatches. The McCloud River Rainbow has gained recognition all over the world as a hard fighting aggressive fish. Catching them in their indigenous wild waters makes a fly anglers dream come true, however hooking a big brown might haunt the same dream. . About 5% of the fish population is made up of Brown trout, both German and Loch Leven, reaching fabled weights.

Nearest Airport:

Redding Muni Airport (RDD)


Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, PMD's, Green Drakes and BWO

Best Time to Fish:

All day

Best Stretch:

Every stretch

Best Access:

Ash camp, Ah Di Na and Conservancy